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When your teeth decay, the normal procedure is to remove the decay and fill the teeth in with an old-fashioned ‘filling’. The root of the tooth is stable and the replacement material looks and feels perfect, but such a tooth deteriorates over time, and if it has lost its structure, another filling is just not possible.

The solution to this is to place a ‘crown’ structure on the tooth to prevent it from being fractured and destroyed. A crown is the ideal way to keep your teeth. The crown either caps or completely encircles the tooth, being stuck down with a specialised, safe form of dental cement.

An impression of your tooth is taken in a simple, short and painless procedure allowing the skilled technician to work on the, usually porcelain, replacement. You return on another day for the crown to be placed on your tooth. It’s stress free.

If you have a tooth which has had root canal treatment, this tooth will likely lose its vitality and become brittle and weak. But a crown will not only save the tooth but give you the nice appearance of a new tooth, with a colour and shape to match your other teeth.

A bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth. Both ends of the bridge are attached to an adjacent tooth and the replacement area is filled with a new porcelain tooth or teeth. Crowns and bridges have a beautiful appearance, and give stability to your bite, enabling you to chew food with complete confidence. They take their share of the workload in chewing, allowing your other teeth to remain healthy.

Dental Suite staff members are able to explain all the benefits of having a crown or bridge. Contact us today.

As well as our extensive experience in this area, Dental Suite can offer some of the most competitive dental implants prices in Sydney.

If dental implants are not the preference, there are alternatives such as attaching implants to dentures to enhance solidity and appearance with minimal expense.

The foundation for the implant is titanium and the teeth attached are made of porcelain, gold or titanium to give a natural appearance and function.

If you have any further questions about obtaining dental implants in Sydney, please speak with our friendly staff members.

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