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At Dental Suite our experience in general dentistry is extensive. We focus on preventative medicine, helping our patients develop a regime of good oral hygiene to help keep their own teeth strong and healthy for life. We always work with our patients to find a solution which suits their dental needs and financial situation.

And by attending a twice-yearly dental check-up you give yourself the best chance to nip any problem in the bud and retain strong, healthy teeth for life.

We especially welcome children, so we can check and address any problems early and encourage the development of strong, healthy teeth.

Our patients come to us with many different needs. If they have pain and discomfort, we are able to eliminate this. Others need to replace a tooth or teeth, which we can do with the latest equipment and materials to restore a beautiful smile.

Some people choose to avoid visiting the dentist. This may be due to an unfortunate experience in their childhood or at later in life. At Dental Suite, we are well aware of the feelings some people have regarding their teeth. We are great at listening and are happy to discuss your concerns and explain all the available procedures. Having a full understanding of how your dental needs can be expertly met helps allay any fears. Our door is always open for a helpful chat and we are only a phone call away.

Why not give us the opportunity to make your dental experience both positive and beneficial?

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