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The dentists at Dental Suite have many years of dentistry experience and are happy to see your little one at any age. Below we highlight a few common questions parents often have. If we can be of any further assistance, feel free to contact us.

When is the best time to take your child to the dentist?

It’s a good idea to book an appointment around the same time the parent visits, allowing the child to become familiar with a dental surgery. Most children’s first visit is when they start attending preschool or kindergarten. Most children are not frightened, but if your child is shy, please tell us in advance so that we focus on gaining confidence and create positive associations with a dentist.

When do I begin to brush my child’s teeth?

Teeth should be cleaned as soon as they begin to erupt. If you don’t have a small toothbrush, use a piece of gauze and wipe the teeth after each feed. If the child can use a toothbrush, ensure it is a children’s toothbrush, and do not put more than a ‘pea-size’ amount of toothpaste on it.

If you are concerned about the position and crowding of teeth, this may be due to soft tissue forces. It may be due to the tongue being thrust when swallowing using the anterior part of the tongue, which pushes the front teeth apart, resulting in an ‘open bite’. Other habits which result in malposition of the teeth may be from sucking on the dummy or thumb.

Is Sugar ok for baby teeth?

Excess sugar consumption can cause the child pain and discomfort. Baby teeth have an important role in holding the space which guides where the adult teeth are to erupt. Losing baby teeth prematurely is traumatic to the child as it is usually necessary to remove the teeth in surgery and can create orthodontic issues. But if this is necessary, our experienced dentists will advise on the best course of action.

To find out more, book your child in to see one of our friendly dentists.

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