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If you have discoloured teeth, smiling can be embarrassing and whitening your teeth may be your best solution. This is a common and successful procedure which research and clinical studies have shown to be safe. Staining of the teeth can result from many causes, including eating certain foods, smoking, poor oral hygiene, and the thinning of enamel that comes with ageing.

To whiten your teeth, Dental Suite offers you two of the best teeth whitening solutions:

  • use a home kit containing teeth whitening products
  • as an in-chair procedure with one of our dentists

Both methods are effective although having the in-chair procedure produces faster results.

With the home kit, a mould is taken of your teeth from which mouthguards are made. At home, you squirt the bleaching solution inside the mouthguards and then place the mouthguards over your teeth once a day for 30 minutes until your teeth are whitened.

With the in-house procedure involves using a stronger bleach, so a protective solution is placed on your gums, lips, tongue and cheeks before the bleach solution is applied to your teeth. The patient is also given a home kit which includes the mouthguard and bleach, to continue the procedure at home as described above. This double dose produces excellent results in a shorter time.

Keeping the mouthguards permanently means that you can top up your treatment in the future if need be simply by obtaining more bleach and repeating the process at your leisure.

Bear in mind that during the bleaching process and for some time afterwards, it is imperative that you don’t eat certain food that stains, such as tomatoes, curries and coffee. Smoking must also cease.

Everyone is unique and the process for you will vary according to the amount of discolouring you have and its cause. The friendly Dental Suite staff can help with all your questions about professional teeth whitening.