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For many people, discoloured, chipped or broken teeth can dampen self-confidence, making them reluctant to smile or laugh for fear of exposing their teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is the solution for anyone in this predicament.

In modern dentistry, using veneers is the most advanced way of revamping worn, discoloured, chipped or broken teeth.

A veneer, known also as laminate, is a thin piece of porcelain placed over your existing teeth. High quality veneers are custom made and adhered to your teeth with safe, strong adhesives, giving your teeth a new look. Porcelain veneers are free of mercury and are able to closely mimic the look and shape of your teeth for a natural look.

At Dental Suite, we have perfected the art of matching porcelain veneers with our patients’ existing teeth. We always use veneers that have been manufactured with high quality materials for a result that will last a lifetime.

Veneers could be your solution if you would like to eliminate a gap in your teeth, or if your teeth are discoloured. While tooth whitening is an option, many people opt for the permanency and quality of veneers. Porcelain crowns or caps can also help not only the appearance of your teeth but also their function. Your ability to chew effectively can be improved considerably.

The friendly, helpful staff members at Dental Suite can assist with all your queries including available procedures and cosmetic dentistry prices.