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In line with our dedication to offering our patients the very best and latest in dentistry, we are pleased to announce our significant investment in acquiring a Dental Laser and 3D scanner.

Dental Laser

Our new dental laser is a sophisticated, revolutionising piece of technology which enables us to work more safely when it comes to controlling infection. The laser enables pin point precision, disinfecting and killing bacteria immediately around the work carried out on teeth and gums. This helps to eliminate or limit bleeding to an absolute minimum, and enables wounds to heal faster.

Benefits of the Dental Laser:

  • Greater control over infection
  • Little or no bleeding during surgical procedures, with
  • Simultaneously provides disinfection
  • Extremely precise cutting of hard-tissues
  • Greater patient satisfaction

3-D Scanner

The use of our 3D scanner eliminates the need for the messy gummy filling normally placed in the mouth around teeth to create a mould impression. The images are taken instantaneously and are kept on file, ready to be accessed for reference during future visits.

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